Help Center iBuy2Give Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) How do I register my charity on iBuy2Give? How do I know my registration was successful?

            Fundraiser Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

            How do I register my charity on iBuy2Give?

            Click on the Fundraiser Here button. You will be promted from there.                       

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            How do fundraisers create an account?

            I want to raise funds, how do I create an account?

            How will I know if my application was successful?

            You will receive an email confirming that your registration was successful.

            How does iBuy2Give  approve or disapprove applications? 

            We look at each application and determine if the cause is a good cause, we don't discriminate in any way, we are here to help as many charities and good causes as possible. If we think that someone is fundraising for non genuine reasons or perhaps something like a terrorist organisation we will not accept them.

            How do I close my account?

            Please contact us and we will do it for you.

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            I want to pull out my fundraiser from iBuy2Give, how do I disable my account?

            How to close an iBuy2Give account?

            How do I manage my fundraising account?

            You will have an account once you have created your account. You will be able to manage your donation account within your account. All you need to do is login. Here you can add pictures, descriptions and importantly all your details so that you can transfer the donations to you.

            How do I get the funds that are raised?

            All of our payments are done through our payment partner Mangopay, when you register with us you will set up a Mangopay wallet, this is only accessible by you and you can withdraw funds to your bank account within the wallet. Mangopay charge £0.45p per withdrawal.

            What is my unique URL?

            This is a direct link to your own fundraising page, the more you tell your supporters where to find you the more you should they will hopefully support you.

            Will you help us with marketing?

            Definitely, we have a full marketing toolkit which will help you with posters emails, social media and also PR. We want your fundraising to be as effective as possible.

            If I encounter a technical problem on the website, who should I contact?

            If you have any technical issues, please contact us straight away via our "Contact us" link we will be in contact as quickly as possible. It is imperative to us that any technical issue is resolved.  

            I have forgotten my password

            If you have forgotten your password please go to login in and it will ask you if you have forgotten it, if so you can request that an email is sent to you to change to a new password.

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