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            Merchant Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

            Why should I sell on iBuy2Give? 

            We offer competitive rates versus other e-commerce sites. Moreover, a portion of the purchase also goes to a charity or fundraiser. With iBuy2Give you earn more and give more to important causes.

            How do I setup my account on iBuy2Give? 

            Click on the Sell Here button and fill up the form.

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            How do sellers create an account?

            Where is the seller sign-up?

            How do sellers register for iBuy2Give?

            Are there any requirements I need to submit to become a merchant on this website?

            We verify our merchants as much as possible. We check a merchant’s background through the other e-commerce sites where their products are available. We take in consideration the merchant’s reviews and performance with other e-commerce sites. We check their trading history with other online marketplaces.

            What type of products cannot be listed on the website?

            iBuy2Give allows almost every product as long as it is not offensive, dangerous or sexual-related. We uphold the site’s virtue by maintaining the integrity of the products listed. Our team checks the site and will remove any sin products listed.

            How much does iBuy2Give charge on top of my selling price? 

            We do not charge on top of the merchant’s selling price. Similar to e-bay, we only get a percentage. We offer one of the most competitive rates. We charge 1.8% of the selling price + £0.20. We directly donate 35% of the gross amount that we receive as a seller’s fee from the merchant

            How do I manage my selling account?

            Once you have successfully registered, you can manage your selling account through your account’s dashboard.

            What counties do you sell in?

            iBuy2Give strictly operates and sells within United Kingdom only.

            How can I close my account?

            Contact us through our help section. Scroll down from the home page and click Contact. Fill up the form, inform us of your desire to close your account then click Contact Us.

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            As a merchant, who do I contact you regarding issues I have encountered through the website?

            Contact us through the form that is on our help page and we will get back to you.

            If I encounter a technical problem on the website, who should I contact?

            If you have any technical issues, please contact us straight away via our "Contact us" link we will be in contact as quickly as possible. It is imperative to us that any technical issue is resolved. 

            I have forgotten my password

            If you have forgotten your password please go to login in and it will ask you if you have forgotten it, if so you can request that an email is sent to you to change to a new password.

            How to upload products from  Linnworks

            Please see the video below.

            How do I sync with Ebay

            Please see the video.

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